Where can I rent the most incredible boat in Ibiza?

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4 types of motorboats that you should know

Are you thinking of a boat for your beach or river vacation? Perhaps it’s one of their brightest ideas for this upcoming vacation season. But do you know which boat can provide you with the best experience? Maybe not, but we’ll help you find out which one suits your needs.

Boat engines come in 4 different models. All of them vary, depending on the specimen and the function it is going to fulfill. 

For long or short trips, nights at sea, all this influences the boat engines. So it is important to know everyone, to choose the one that suits your needs.

That’s why we bring you four types of engines, this way you’ll know exactly what to expect from each one, especially if it’s the first time you’ll have contact with this nautical world. 

4 types of boat engines

Outboard motors

This model is used in large boats. Most of them can be found on the hull of the boat. Its great power makes the engines more efficient, as it allows you to move at a higher speed. 

For those who are looking to spend a night at sea, this is a good option. It allows us to get far enough away from the dock to enjoy a true offshore experience.

Inboard Engines

They are characterized by having a propulsion system, transmission and fuel in the same unit. They are quite common in small boats, destined to cover short distances. Depending on the size of the engine and the speedboat, they can reach high speeds.

Turbine engines

These engines pass water to propel themselves, like an airplane would pass air. This makes this type of boat a little slower than the rest. However, it is still less effective for the transfer of a group of people, between 6 and 10 approximately.

The application of a lubricant for these boat engines is necessary. The constant flow of water can wear out the turbine engine. With the right care, there should be no mishaps. It is ideal for short trips, whether with family or friends.

Stern Motors

This type of engine we found outboard. But it has the flexibility of being able to make an oil change. At the same time, it offers great power as an engine inside the boat. 

The main disadvantage of these models is that they require constant maintenance. It is due to the multiple tasks it performs, in constant contact with water.

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