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The lighting product called Faro Pirata Led 12V 60W Joystick, is a remote-controlled lighthouse specially designed for nautical vehicles in order to illuminate with extreme clarity at night by means of sailing in the open sea, this lighthouse is placed on the deck and is controlled by remote control specially used by nautical vehicles for the location of buoys, moorings, among others, in the rainiest or darkest nights while crossing the sea.

This lighthouse is made of thermoplastic materials, has a white color, with a rotation of three hundred and sixty degrees horizontally and a height of seventy five degrees, this wonderful product is brought to us by the website of online sales of different products, accessories and spare parts Barco Online, which contains a varied catalog with different models of nautical spotlights at prices really accessible to the public.

The product Faro Pirata Led 12V 60W Joystick belonging to the section of nautical spotlights, are valuable optical elements which are designed to project a clear and strong light towards a specific objective in the darkness of the night, mostly used by nautical vehicles that leave sailing at night to avoid colliding with rocks or to locate ports in the deep darkness of the sea at night.

Different light-emitting diodes used by nautical spotlights

At present there is a vast variety and forms of lighting diodes used by different nautical headlights, which differ by their power level, the lifetime that can be used and the type of structure it has, some of these are:

Led of luminous wire: this powerful led is used for inspection tasks, has a useful life of two to three years, with a size of three comma five to ten millimeters, its negative and positive poles are insulated with plastic coating of the highest quality, producing a strong light depending on the lens by which it is exposed.
Led SuperFlux: has more power than the version of Led mentioned above, this is characterized by having a wider field of lighting which makes them very used when illuminating rocky surfaces, because the lighting it emits is perfect for showing all aspects of rocky surfaces that may be near the boat, with a useful life of four to five years is characterized as one of the best light sources among the different models of Leds.
Led SMD: these are characterized by having very well welded contacts of the best material, with four chips that component, these contacts are welded directly to the guide plate allowing the lighting they generate to be more intense than the others, thus achieving a very clear lighting which differentiates any objective that is located in the sea while sailing.

In summary, the Led 12V 60W Joystick Pirate Lighthouse is an extremely important tool for all boats, ships, boats, yachts, sailboats, among other nautical vehicles for lighting targets in the dark of the night, which helps prevent possible accidents at sea, an investment that is necessary according to maritime navigation laws.

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Where can I rent the most incredible boat in Ibiza?

If you’re looking for a variety of boat engines, with Barracuda Ibiza Charter you’ll find it. You have the different models mentioned above. So don’t worry about finding something that suits your needs, you’ll do it easily with the help of Ibiza

In addition, this company provides you with efficient contact sources: Facebook: @BarracudaIbiza, Twitter: @BarracudaIbiza and WhatsApp: +34 649 633 299. So that you can get all the information you need before your trip. 

And you will even be able to consult about spare parts and particularities of the motoryacht you decide to rent. 

4 types of motorboats that you should know

Are you thinking of a boat for your beach or river vacation? Perhaps it’s one of their brightest ideas for this upcoming vacation season. But do you know which boat can provide you with the best experience? Maybe not, but we’ll help you find out which one suits your needs.

Boat engines come in 4 different models. All of them vary, depending on the specimen and the function it is going to fulfill. 

For long or short trips, nights at sea, all this influences the boat engines. So it is important to know everyone, to choose the one that suits your needs.

That’s why we bring you four types of engines, this way you’ll know exactly what to expect from each one, especially if it’s the first time you’ll have contact with this nautical world. 

4 types of boat engines

Outboard motors

This model is used in large boats. Most of them can be found on the hull of the boat. Its great power makes the engines more efficient, as it allows you to move at a higher speed. 

For those who are looking to spend a night at sea, this is a good option. It allows us to get far enough away from the dock to enjoy a true offshore experience.

Inboard Engines

They are characterized by having a propulsion system, transmission and fuel in the same unit. They are quite common in small boats, destined to cover short distances. Depending on the size of the engine and the speedboat, they can reach high speeds.

Turbine engines

These engines pass water to propel themselves, like an airplane would pass air. This makes this type of boat a little slower than the rest. However, it is still less effective for the transfer of a group of people, between 6 and 10 approximately.

The application of a lubricant for these boat engines is necessary. The constant flow of water can wear out the turbine engine. With the right care, there should be no mishaps. It is ideal for short trips, whether with family or friends.

Stern Motors

This type of engine we found outboard. But it has the flexibility of being able to make an oil change. At the same time, it offers great power as an engine inside the boat. 

The main disadvantage of these models is that they require constant maintenance. It is due to the multiple tasks it performs, in constant contact with water.

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Quicksilver Activ 855 Cruiser

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This is an electric nautical generator which is an engine that is installed in any compartment of the ship with the aim of providing a stable electrical current, from ships, sailboats, yachts, boats among others have their own generator, however some low-level nautical vehicles lack this product.

The Marine Generator Mase IS 9.1 is a product that is brought to us by the web site of online sales of products, complements, accessories and nautical spare parts called Boats Online, which brings us a varied catalog of nautical generators to our choice among which enhances the aforementioned generator among the others by different characteristics.

Normally the generators are installed in places where they are protected from the humid and rainy environment, preferably under the deck specifically near the engine of the nautical vehicle since installing it there is facilitates of great form the form to acquire the fuel, apart they count on the perfect conditions for the installation of the generator.

The Marine Generator Mase IS 9.1 has a highly evolved design as compact, adapting surprisingly to any space where it can be installed in the engine room of the nautical vehicle, this generator also has a control panel along with a soundproof box, this means that no sound entered any aluminum material, with a voltage of one hundred and fifteen to two hundred and thirty volts and eight comma six kilowatts of pure power.

Characteristics of the Marine Generator Mase IS 9.1

Some of the features of this wonderful generator are:

It has an alternator of 50 Hz.
It has intercooler cooling w / a.
It has a voltage of one hundred and fifteen to two hundred and thirty volts.
It has a maximum power of 8.6 kilowatts.
It has a continuous power of 7.8 kilowatts.
It has a battery charger model A-V from ten to twelve volts.
The engine model is 50 Hz, Kubota D722.
It contains number 3 cylinders.
The cylinders are made of the best quality cast iron.
With a diameter of sixty-seven millimeters.
With a stroke of sixty-eight millimeters.
With electric starter.
The head is made of aluminum.
It has a centrifuged mechanical speed regulator.
With forced lubrication.
It uses an electric fuel pump.
It consumes fuel at full load.
It weighs one hundred and eighty five kilograms.

These are some of the characteristics of the great Marine Generator Mase IS 9.1 that convert it without a doubt in one of the best options at the moment of wanting to acquire some generator for a nautical vehicle.

In conclusion, the nautical generators are a product of extreme necessity for our nautical vehicles either boats, yachts, boats, among others, achieving to always have a stable electric current but above all with absence of the noise because it is very annoying as uncomfortable as the sound of the generator, here is where the marine generator is shown as one of the best generator with a high quality soundproof box and with a price really accessible to the public.

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Wide Raio-X Bombarco

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Household appliances on board

When you go on long voyages it is always important that you keep your passengers comfortable in all aspects, so keeping your boat well equipped will provide comfort and confidence to those on board, if there is something important that should always keep a good ship is electrical appliances on board.
In you will find the best electrical appliances that will help your boat to provide very important comforts throughout the trip. It is always important to keep all passengers comfortable and backed up with good quality products.
In our website we have products in the market SCHENKER desanilizers, we recommend you to never run out of fresh water reserves, likewise the food reserve is important to keep them preserved to prevent damage, so we offer a refrigerator and marine freezer, with this product you can travel quiet because your food will be in perfect condition.
To keep your boat comfortable, we mention other appliances that you must keep on board to make the trips more enjoyable.
For days when it is very hot, the solution to the problem is an air conditioner or fan kit compact, these are specialized to be located inside the boats, also keep the cooler temperature for hot seasons, you can also get online.
in the nautical kitchens there are other appliances on board such as ovens with grill, sliding refrigerators, if kitchen space is limited, this is your best option. There are also side doors, where their capacities are between 36 and 130 liters.
These products as well as the marine refrigerators and the ice machine are important for hot days because they keep drinks well cooled so as not to suffer from heat. You can find all these appliances for your boat at

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Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

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Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless

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